Posted by: mlawrencekey | June 26, 2007

Editing "Woman is Cipher is Woman"

Okay, right now I’ve got Scrivener open and am working on my final edit for “Woman is Cipher is Woman.” Wow, I’ve been working on this particular story now for around two years, but it’s gone through a lot of iterations since the beginning. Also, I haven’t been working on it steadily, either. I think I laid it aside for around a year or so after I initially finished it. One of my readers suggested that I drag it out of mothballs and so I did. It basically resembles the original, except with some major revisions. Anyway, after this last round of edits, I’ll send it out and hopefully get it published!



  1. Welcome to blogspot, M. Lawrence! And say hello to Mrs. Key for me. Lawrence and Mrs. Key…What does that remind me of? Oh yeah! That cute sitcom starring Bruce Boxleitner 🙂

    I checked out Scrivener and it looks really fab! Is it for Mac only? -SW

  2. Thanks for the welcome!

    Interesting TV show comparison–that was one of my family’s favorites back in the 80s.

    Yeah, Scrivener is for the Mac only. Sorry! I’m sure that there are other similar programs out there for the PC, though.

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