Posted by: mlawrencekey | September 29, 2007

A small rant…and a resolve

I realized once more last night why I am called to write.
My wife and I watched “God is in the Details,” an episode of the otherwise enjoyable Sci-Fi channel series “Eureka.” This particular episode was a travesty, however, depicting people of faith as ignorant medieval-minded bumpkins, ready to declare any unexplainable phenomenon as a miracle of God or something. (for more on how badly this episode was written, you can read my review of it here). Anyway, my comment to Cara as the episode ended and we were discussing it was: “This makes me want to sit down at my desk and write.”
There is such a gap–especially in America, but elsewhere, too–between people of faith, particularly Christianity–and those who don’t ascribe to a faith. Both sides often hold extremely ignorant views of the other, and the writing they do about each other reflects this. One of my aims in writing is to publish works written within my worldview into a publishing arena which is traditionally hostile to that worldview. There are many Christian writers who publish works that are read for the most part only by Christians, and that is wonderful. That is their calling. My calling and desire is to write things that will be read by those who do not claim Christianity, or perhaps any faith at all.
My aim is not to proselytize. As Samuel Goldwyn famously said: “If you have a message to send, use Western Union.” My goal to is to simply write in an excellent way and let whatever is inside me come out through my writing and illuminate the world around me.


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