Posted by: mlawrencekey | October 11, 2007

Revolving Door…with complications

I always try to get back up on the horse right away, if possible. So tonight, I sat down and re-edited “Woman is Cipher is Woman.” It’s still a good story, and it improves with each editing, I think. Anyhow, I’m happy with how it got re-edited, so I fired it off to Semaphore Magazine, a literary mag out of New Zealand that I mentioned earlier. The story still fits with their desire for detective stories/fantasy, so we’ll see how it’s received. In some ways, “Woman is Cipher” is a more mature story, seeing how it’s gone through more revisions.

But here’s the tricky part–I’m also asking the editor of Semaphore to release “In Plain Sight” back to me. Reason: I want to clean it up, edit it some more, and then submit it to Andromeda Spaceways, since I feel that it’s really a better match for their style, anyway.

So things have gotten a bit complicated, and at this point, I’m depending on the good will of the editor over at Semaphore. If she gets mad and rejects both, then I’m sort of back at square one, but at least I’ll have achieved half of my objective.


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