Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 18, 2007

Finished one, started another one

I wrapped up my short story “The Crimson Rod” this week, and right now, it’s in second draft edit phase. I like how it came out, and after it undergoes some tweaking, I’ll start looking for a market for it. 

Now I’m working on another one that I hope to finish over the next couple of days. This one’s set in modern-day Palestine. I’ve already written about 1500 words into it, and it’s still going strong. An essay that one of my students wrote served as inspiration (though the events that occur in the narrative are completely different than what she wrote in her essay). The rest of it is based on my own experiences in the West Bank, though again, the actual story is completely fictional. I’m frankly a little surprised but pleased how easily the story is writing itself. That’s a good sign, as my most successful stories have come out that way. Anyway, we’ll see how it all comes out. 


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