Posted by: mlawrencekey | May 27, 2008

First Draft of "Day Off" finished

I’ve finished my first draft of the robots story. I’m still working out a couple of details, but I’m pretty much satisfied with how it came out. I’ll be working on the “up” draft (or second draft) now, and then it’ll be ready to send around to my readers. 

It’s sort of an unusual story for me in that it came in under 3,000 words on the first draft. It’ll end up weighing in around 3,000 words max, I think, as I don’t intend to add a lot of material. It’s probably the shortest story that I’ve done which wasn’t flash fiction to start with. Yet it feels complete as it stands. Actually, the length will probably make it easier to sell, as editors like stories that enable them to squeeze just a bit more into a particular magazine issue. We’ll see.



  1. Cool!

    So pony up. I’ll be watching my email. (grin)

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