Posted by: mlawrencekey | July 27, 2008

My new writing gadget

I totally forgot to mention that I bought a new writing gadget which my father-in-law brought over for me when he visited us around a month ago. It’s an Alphasmart Neo 2, and I love it. I saw an ad for it a little while back, and immediately I was impressed with the possibility of owning a device that did nothing but write. I was able to snag one off eBay for a fraction of its already low price, and I have to say after using it for a while, I’m pretty impressed. It has one of the best keyboards I’ve ever typed on, has incredible battery life (about 700 hours on 3 AAs), and is quick and easy to start up. I can also easily transfer files to my laptop via its USB cable and store eight different text files in its huge memory (huge for text files, that is).

The best thing about it is, though: no distractions. I can write and write and I literally can’t check my email or see what’s going on in the world via Google News or play any kind of game, etc, etc. I’m forced to simply be creative with a simple machine in front of me, and it’s just amazing how my writing output has just shot through the ceiling. And before you ask, it’s much faster than a pen and paper, plus it saves me the step of typing in what I write.

I’m completely hooked on this little machine, as retro as it is, and I seriously doubt I’ll be using any other text composing device for a long time to come.



  1. […] to get my car washed, filled and have the oil checked–and do some writing. I took my trusty Alphasmart Neo with me and parked myself at the gas station’s little cafeteria to wait for my car to be […]

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