Posted by: mlawrencekey | August 13, 2008

Two stories launched

Over the last couple days, I’ve sent out two short stories to potentially be published. Both of the places where I’ve sent them are online publications (an important point of criteria for me, since I don’t live where I can easily mail in a story), and one of them publishes a print media form of its magazine. They also pay, which is another important point for me (though definitely not one of the highest).

Anyway, we’ll see what happens with the stories. I really like how both of them came out, so I have high hopes for them. One’s called “The Crimson Rod” and the other’s named “Hawa Died Last Week.”

If and/or when they are accepted for publication, I’ll post links to them here on this blog. If they’re not accepted immediately, I’ll just have to keep hunting around for a home for them.

So now begins the portion of the publication process where I obsessively check my email multiple times a day to see if it got a response yet…


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