Posted by: mlawrencekey | September 23, 2008

A bit of a mixed bag

Rejection and acceptance. Progress and regress.

It’s all part of the same mixed bag of what the writing life is about.

In one week, I’ve had another short story accepted for publication in a magazine (paying publication). The story is one of the best I’ve written, I think. I call it “Hawa Died Last Week,” and I’ve mentioned it here in this blog before. Anyway, it’s being picked up and I’ll post a link to it online when it’s available.

In the same week, I’ve gotten a rejection for one of my stories that I’ve been shopping around. I think the story is sound, and the editor at the magazine said they enjoyed it, but it wasn’t right for them. To me, that means it’s right for somebody, so I think I’ll keep persevering with it, as well as tweaking it a bit and making it the best possible.

I’ve made a good amount of progress with the book project I’m working on, but at the same time, I’ve felt a bit stymied by the sluggishness of the researchers who are supposed to be sending me information for the writing I’m doing.

Again, I’m taking all this in stride, and I’m thankful that I’m working at all.



  1. Just stopped by to say “Howdy” and thank you for visiting my blog today.
    Congrats on your article and best wishes on your book.

  2. i for one enjoy ed the heck out of Hawa when I read it.

  3. You’re a difficult man to get hold of, do you know that? I’ve been trying to email you, but the mailer daemon keeps spitting my messages back at me.

    I’ve got what could be some neat news for you, so if you could let me know what your current and functional email address is, that would be great!

    – Marie Hodgkinson
    Semaphore Magazine

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