Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 15, 2008

An umm…pre-Thanksgiving Resolution

I don’t blog enough, and I need to do it more.

There. I said it. 

After talking with my wife tonight, I realized that I should be blogging more, as well as expanding the scope of my blog somewhat. It’s good writing practice for me, and it allows who I am and what my life is like (writing and otherwise) to be “out there” a little more, for others to read about, and hopefully to glean something from (or at the very least to serve as a warning to others). 

In any case, expect to see more blog posts from me in the future. Maybe even (gasp!) one a day or so. 

That’s my pre-Thanksgiving resolution. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to stick to it. 



  1. Blog on, ma brotha!

  2. Frequent blogging has been great for keeping my writing skills sharp.

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