Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 24, 2008

My problem with TV and computer games

I’m a writer. But I’m also an ESL teacher in a cultural center. I’m also a husband and the father of four–soon to be five–kids. As you can imagine, I don’t just have tons of spare time. I honestly like watching TV (though not just anything–I have several favorite shows–some canceled, some not), and I like playing Wii and computer games.

But I can’t do it all.  Something has to go. 
If I want to get a lot done, writing-wise, then I can’t play games and watch TV, pretty much (okay, maybe just a little). 
If I want to get some time with my wife to sit down and watch one of our favorite TV shows together or play a Wii game with my son, then it means that my writing time has to go. 
Am I trying to be dogmatic? Nope. Just practical. If I’m serious about writing and being productive, then it means over the course of my lifetime, I’m going to be watching fewer TV shows and playing fewer games than I might have otherwise. 
It means I’ll be less “entertained,” but in the end, I’ll have something to show for those hours. 
Not that I don’t sometimes close the laptop and choose otherwise. But it’s a conscious choice, and I know what it means, and what it costs. 
Yet, that choice is often the right one, as it means time with my wife or son. So that’s good, too. 
In other words, balance. The trick is, learning how to strike it, knowing that there is an appropriate amount of time for everything, and not getting sucked into the black hole of entertainment (which is sooo easy when you’re tired) and being disciplined to sit down and write. 


  1. Dude…you are so right! May God give grace to us who love family, games, TV, and writing…not to mention reading.

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