Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 29, 2008

Home today, trying to get some stuff done

This’ll be quick. I’ve been home most of the day today, but I’m trying to rest and be a little productive at the same time. In other words, I’m not pushing myself too hard, but I’m kind of puttering around the house, doing things here and there, but giving myself permission to sit and finish Obama’s Audacity of Hope, for example. (Great book, by the way, and well-worth reading for a little look into what makes him tick, particularly now that he’s the president-elect. )

I’ve also got some writing and editing work to do on chapter 6 of At Home in Amman, and some work to do on finances. Remains to be seen if I’ll get any of that done today, but I’m gonna try. 

As for tonight, I’ll be heading out to visit a friend, so if I don’t get the aforementioned stuff done before then, I won’t be getting them done today, anyway.


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