Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 30, 2008

My first foreign language review

Just for fun, I get on Google sometimes and do a search for my author name, just to see what comes up. Come on: you do it, too–admit it.

Anyway, tonight, amidst the usual hits of my blog posts, my Red Room listing, and listings from the websites of different magazines I’ve been published in, I came up with the strangest thing yet: a review of one of my short stories: in Spanish, no less.

You can follow the original link above, or just read my translation below, courtesy of Google Translator: 

Christmas is approaching and the decorations are already out of the ship, lighting the ice desert of planetary pole. When the floor becomes unstable and the ship goes down, the only hope is to send an emergency message, with a totally unexpected help. 

Is this: a short story that talks about the holiday season and the benefit of believing again. Christmas is only a pretext, of course, but the basic idea is still there. Actually I liked the way it is written and not seek to impose the idea of coup like many others, but subtly, leaving the story live and lead to their ultimate consequences. The final, somewhat predictable, but with everything that he does not lose much, thanks to the flow wearing before. 

My note: good.

Okay, the English is a bit stilted, but I get the gist of it:  he liked it.



  1. Actually, if you are going to be posting works online and blogging, I would recommend using Google Alerts to let you know when anyone posts about your blog or your name. I have an alert for each site I run and also for my name – and I get some interesting results each day 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely do that.

  3. No problem – I get some interesting results some times 🙂 BTW – I finally got my blogs moved over to WP at Now I need to post something more there 🙂

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