Posted by: mlawrencekey | December 20, 2008

Working at the gas station

dinocogasIn yet another example of multi-tasking, I headed out yesterday morning to get my car washed, filled and have the oil checked–and do some writing. I took my trusty Alphasmart Neo with me and parked myself at the gas station’s little cafeteria to wait for my car to be washed. Automatic car washes are a rarity in the Middle East, which means you basically leave your car in the queue with the keys in it and the guys who work there wash it inside and out, then drive it over to a separate area to dry it off. When all is said and done, you have a sparkling clean car and you got to watch the whole thing happen from the comfort of your chair. Nice thing about this gas station is that they can fix breakfast for you, do coffee , tea, the whole works. As you might imagine, it’s a favorite of mine. So while my car got washed, plus the oil checked, I wrote outlines for the remaining five chapters of the book I’m working on. All in all, a pretty good way to spend an early Friday afternoon, I think.



  1. Sounds like a glorious afternoon!

  2. It usually is!

  3. Funny, I don’t remember the gas station looking like that…

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