Posted by: mlawrencekey | December 27, 2008

My cunning hat

cunning-hatShiny! My wonderful and crafty wife just knitted me a replica of the “cunning hat” that Jayne Cobb from Firefly wore in the series episode “The Message.” She surprised me with it and I got it in my stocking on Christmas morning. Maybe this makes me a “Firefly” geek, but I really like it a lot and took the time to Photoshop myself wearing it into a background of the ship “Serenity.”  Great show. Cool wife. I’m blessed indeed.



  1. I have to laugh at that hat! That was a very funny scene in Firefly with that hat. Congratulations!

    • Yes, the hat is meant to be ridiculous, but in an endearing way. I loved the scene in Firefly, too, and as a true Firefly fan, appreciated the effort my wife went to in order to make me the same hat.

  2. So Micah strapped on his hat
    and in 5 seconds flat
    stole everythin’ Boss Higgins had to steal.

    Oh, He robbed from the rich
    and he gave to the poor.
    Stood up to the man
    and he gave him what for.
    Our love for him now
    ain’t hard to explain.

    The hero of Canton
    the man they call Micah….

  3. Hah, that is a good episode.

  4. That is the coolest gift a wife has ever given. Well done, Cara, well done indeed.

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