Posted by: mlawrencekey | January 23, 2009

My very own fan site

fanI swear I didn’t ask him to do it. 

One of my friends–who also happens to be a fan of my writing–decided to create a “celebrity” fan site for me on Facebook. I’m flattered, of course. He made me an admin so that I can upload my own stuff there. I figure it’s a good way for people who are interested to get a glimpse into my creative process and what inspires me. It’s also a good way to make any general announcements related to my writing career and to let people know about any upcoming events. It’s a great idea, but again, something I never would have done on my own.



  1. I was just flipping through my 2007 edition of Writer’s Market and suddenly became curious as to whether you’d checked it out. Random, yes, but perhaps helpful.

    • I’ve thought about getting one in the past and have come very close to purchasing, but honestly, considering where I live, electronic publishing is pretty much the only way I can be published right now. As a result, I’ve found decent success mining from sites like Duotrope’s Digest and Ralan. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I’ll definitely take it seriously.

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