Posted by: mlawrencekey | April 9, 2009

The Zombie Book Project is being resurrected

hand-grave-2Okay, it’s not a book about zombies. It’s that co-ghostwritten autobiographical book project that I worked on and wrote about here eons ago. It got put on the back burner by the powers-that-be until this month, when I got word that it was being dusted off and revived. Good news. 

Actually, the timing of it is pretty good, I think. The writer I’m collaborating on it with is taking 4-5 weeks to do nothing but work on his portion of the manuscript and try to cobble everything together into something that makes sense and flows well. He’ll be sending me chapter drafts of my work and his so I can edit them. Hopefully, the final result will be a cohesive manuscript that we can then shop around to publishers. Timing-wise, it’s not the absolute best, as I’m already pretty maxxed with the current book I’m working on, but hopefully the amount of work I’ll be doing on this project will be at a minimum–I already put in most of the work last year when I wrote half of the chapters for it. I like editing, and it usually doesn’t take very long for me to edit a chapter, so I hopefully won’t get in over my head on this. All that is to say, I’m looking forward to seeing some closure on this project. I put a lot of sweat into it, so it’s nice to finally see something come of it (God willing).


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