Posted by: mlawrencekey | November 28, 2009

The Woes of being an Orange customer in Jordan

I’ve been an Orange customer since I first arrived in Jordan in 2003, so I’m speaking from vast experience here when I opine that Orange Jordan may just be the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with customer-service-wise.

Those who know me well know that I’m ordinarily a patient, forgiving sort of guy. I don’t usually demand that circumstances change to fit me–I usually adapt myself to my changed circumstances, often to my detriment.

But as Jayne Cobb might say, “Orange is disturbing my calm.” Over and over again, the company which supplies my internet and my telephone service has driven me to distraction, particularly as it relates to the internet.

In the past, I’ve had my service cut off–twice–because they “lost” my credit card information and couldn’t be bothered to contact me to get it again (not to mention the sheer incompetence involved in losing the information in the first place. And don’t get me started on the fact that I had to fax them my card), I’ve had a heckuva time getting them to install my line in my new house and heaven help me if I have any problem whatsoever with the line.

My only saving grace down the years has been an Orange engineer I made friends with years ago. He’s helped me out nearly every time I had a problem and done an end run around the convoluted labyrinth that passes for their customer service. We call that wasta around here. And no, I’m not going to tell you his name–he would be deluged with requests from other desperate Orange customers.

The most recent travesty occurred when I tried to get my internet line upgraded from a 512k line to a 2 meg line. Simple, right? I mean, you’d think Orange would be salivating all over themselves at the prospect of getting more of my hard-earned money every month. Well, you’d be wrong. Oh, I got the process started, all right, and thought it would just be a simple matter of having an Orange support team visit my house, set me up and that was it. Nope.

I applied for the upgrade online, got a phone call from a guy who told me it would happen in 48 hours or so. That was back in July, I think. After a week of waiting for the upgrade that never came, I went down to the main office in person. Applied again. Again, the promise of a few days. Waited again. Nothing. So once again, I dialed my engineer friend and asked him to help. He showed up at my door with a new modem and I saw improvement in my speed. Foolishly, I thought my troubles were over.

After a month or two, I started realizing that my speed upgrade wasn’t so hot after all. I did some checking, and realized that I wasn’t seeing 2 meg speed. I was, in fact, seeing a full 512k, which I should have been seeing all along. The modem upgrade improved my speed, all right, but only up to the full potential of the 512k line.

Once again, I called my engineer friend. He checked, and informed me that I’d never gotten the upgrade. Now we’re into November and I’m pretty ticked off. Fortunately, my engineer friend takes care of it personally, and within 24 hours, I’ve got my actual upgrade.

The moral of this story is: find an Orange engineer. Take him out to dinner, do him whatever favor he wants, so that he owes you. And hold onto his number. That’s pretty much the only way you’ll ever get anything meaningful done with Orange. Will I stay a customer of Orange? Honestly, as weird as it sounds after the awful customer service hell I’ve endured over the years, I probably will. Why? I dread the rigamarole I’d have to go through to close my account. Sign me up for life, I guess.



  1. Micah makes the problems I’ve been having with the internet “small potatoes.” Glad you finally got it fixed.

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