Posted by: mlawrencekey | October 21, 2010

Do stuff. Level up. Get loot. Epic Win!

Do your work. Get experience points. Watch your character level up. Get loot. It’s all part of EpicWin, the new to-do app I’ve been using lately on my iPhone. During the time I’ve had an iPhone, I’ve tried several apps to help me be more efficient and help me stay on task. I’m not exactly the world’s most motivated person when it comes to doing the things I need to do. Generally, I put things off till later, until they become so urgent that they absolutely have to be done. So I generally feel that my to-do list could be characterized by “too little, too late” as I put out one fire after another. Where’s the fun or sense of accomplishment in that?

No more. EpicWin, a recently developed to-do app, is here to stay on my iPhone. When I first heard about the idea, even before it was in Apple’s app store, I knew it was an incredibly creative concept. What if your to-do list were like a classic RPG?

You would have a character, and quests. Only the quests would consist of to-dos that you entered in, like “wash the car.” And when you did them, then you would gain experience for your character, and possibly recover treasure. That’s the basic concept of EpicWin. Every to-do has experience points attached to it that you determine, based on the difficulty or rewarding nature of the task. You also assign each task to character improvement areas, such as strength and stamina. As your character levels up and grows, you’ll see him or her start to reflect the nature of your daily life. If most of your to-do’s are manual, strength-related activities (like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash), then your character will eventually become very strong, and so on.

The app is in version 1.3 right now, and just keeps getting better (1.4 should be a major upgrade, with support for integration with Google cal, Remember the Milk, and other popular online to-do applications).

The concept of EpicWin is not for everyone. There are lots of to-do apps out there,and there might be others that fit your style better. But if you’re the kind of person who likes turning your mundane chores into adventure and loot gathering, then check out EpicWin.

By the way, I just got 300 xp for writing this blog post.



  1. Ah, so this explains your cryptic FB status reports. Looks like a great concept. Will have to check it out if I ever get around to upgrading my iPod.

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