Posted by: mlawrencekey | September 5, 2013

If I could speak into the ears of American power

Please thoughtfully read this heartfelt letter written to American power.

Mike Niconchuk

In light of the recent escalation of Syria talk, war talk, and war violence, I can’t help but cry out from the middle of the places that men in far away desks ceaselessly write about and talk about.

If I could speak into the ears of American power…

3 September, 2013

Amman, Jordan


Last night I sat on my rooftop with a friend from Damascus—my “brother by trauma” you could call him. The temporary calm in the air sufficed to make it a great evening.

Two days before, I was sitting in Zahlé, Lebanon, the Christian-majority gateway to the Beka’a Valley. Posters of Hassan Nasrallah lined the streets of villages that lead to the city. I remember clutching my passport as I passed the first sign, unsure if it would be wiser to keep it close, or to keep it far.

I was meeting two Syrians in Zahlé…

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